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Dryer Servicing Melbourne

Got a broken clothes dryer and you’re looking for the fastest and the most experienced provider of dryer servicing Melbourne and the surrounding areas have seen? You call us at Appliance Tech 360.

Dryers are incredibly essential for a home or a business that offers laundry services and when they malfunction, it is a story that people often don’t want to hear!

If your clothes aren’t drying, your dryer won’t turn on, or it’s not heating enough, then it’s likely that you have a broken heating element that needs to be replaced or repaired. Never deal with wet clothes again by having your dryer repaired by Appliance Tech 360.

Dryer Servicing Near Me

Dryer servicing near me – there’s no more need to keep on searching this on your browser because our team is here to help. No matter is too complex or mundane for us to handle. We have an extensive range of spare parts backed by warranties for all your requirements, no matter what brand your dryer may be. We cater to all dryers manufactured by major OEMs including Bosch, Electrolux, Chef, Hoover, Fisher & Paykel etc.

Dryer Technician Melbourne

You will get the best dryer technician Melbourne has to offer is genuinely dedicated to giving you the best of solutions to all your dryer servicing requirements. We know every little detail of your dryer when it comes to diagnosing and thinking up various solutions so if you catch it slipping into disrepair, you can count on us to get it sorted ASAP!

We’re prepared for any situation and carry a massive stock of spare parts for virtually any dryer from any generation or any brand. The best part is that besides getting the best dryer servicing service Melbourne has seen, you also get complete parts and labour warranties.

So, if you want the best dryer servicing Melbourne residents depend on, call Appliance Tech 360 on 1300 478 831 today.

When do you call Appliance Tech 360?

You call us when you encounter common dryer problems such as –

  • Drum spin is working but no heat is produced due to faulty fuse, temperature switch or thermostat, heating coils or timer.
  • Drum is not spinning due to a broken belt, faulty roller, or motor problems.
  • Dryer gets heated because of a clogged vent or faulty thermostat.
  • Dryer refuses to start.

If you experiencing any of these, call us to arrange a visit to fix your dryer.

Book your FREE consultation. Call 1300 478 831 today.

How to keep dryers from breaking down?

  • Firstly, you should always ensure that your dryer is being attended to and repaired by a highly skilled, fully qualified, and vastly experienced dryer repair service provider like Appliance Tech 360.
  • Secondly, you would need to clean the lint filter before drying each load of laundry. If you are drying a new item that creates a lot of lint, such as a bath towel or bath mat, consider drying it for half a cycle and then pause to clean out the lint filter before continuing to dry the item. Regularly check the dryer’s drum for lint accumulation.
  • Thirdly, you would also need to make sure the duct that runs from the back of your dryer to your wall and outside to your dryer vent isn’t clogged with lint or debris. If there is a blockage, you may have to remove the duct to clean it out. Consult with professionals like us before making any changes to your dryer’s exhaust duct.

For more information or to get a FREE quote, call us on 1300 478 831 or send an email to info@appliancetech360.com.au.


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